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    Name: Yokai Bestial
    Aliases: Beastmen


    The words 'Yokai Bestial' refers to a large variety of races who share one specific trait: rather than being like the other humanoid races, they are closer to bipedal beasts. This may look like a distinctive feature they all share, but technically, there are many kinds of Yokai Bestial. Some resemble dogs, some wolves, some cats. Some look like lizards, some are like birds.

    The Yokai Bestial come in different shapes and sizes, but generally, both male and female specimen are around 7' (213 cm) tall. Given that the structure of their legs is different and they do not walk entirely straight as other humanoids, they are bigger than they appear. Some types of Yokai Bestial are larger, while some are smaller. Another thing all the Yokai Bestial have in common is their lifespan. They all mature very quickly, within several years of birth, and can live an average of one hundred years.


    Name: Animal Nature
    Requirements: Yokai Bestial (any)
    All Yokai Bestial possess a variety of traits that you'd expect their respective animals to have. Sharp sense of smell, the ability to see in the dark, acute hearing etc. They are all quite strong, resilient and agile, as well. While they are sentient, they are not considered sufficiently intelligent and are thus regarded as 'lesser being'. Different types of Yokai Bestial have different strengths and weaknesses.


    The mentality of Yokai Bestial is pretty primitive. It unites the worst aspects of both intelligence and instinct. Personal survival comes first, after which one begins to consider the survival of their mate and children. Having little understanding of the very concept of compromise, Yokai Bestial are quite aggressive even among themselves. Possessing a minimal amount of reason, they care about little more than survival, and find any kind of cooperation somewhat difficult. They are quite xenophobic and superstitious.


    The Yokai Bestial live in a primitive tribal society. Each tribe consists of several dozen members on average and a few hundred at most. It is practically unheard of for a tribe to have more than a single type of Yokai Bestial in it, or for different tribes to cooperate for any reason. They do understand the notion of barter and simple trade, however, as well as slavery.

    With a society like that, it goes without saying that their technology is quite primitive. They have no proper religion, only a series of superstitious beliefs focused around spirits.
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