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    Name: Impossible for humanoids to reproduce
    Aliases: Dragon
    Dragons are massive creatures, reptilian in appearance, but with wings and horns. They possess long tails and relatively long necks. Their bodies are covered in large scales, with the underbelly usually being a different color to the rest of their body.

    Most dragons possess multiple bone horns closer to the back of their head, with the pair at the top being significantly larger than the rest. Those kinds also have spikes along their spine, starting right at the head and ending at the tip of the tail; the exact shape and size of these appear to vary per specimen. Some dragons only have one pair of small non-threatening horns and no spine spikes.

    There are not many common features found in these creatures. Dragons exist in many varieties which differ in size, scale color, wing shape, other similar things and even in body structure a bit. What makes them distinct from other similar beasts are sentience and significant intelligence.

    they are like most living beings, all dragons have a male and female gender, although they are masters of chakra they still require a mate to procreate. They lay eggs like a few primeval races such as the Tennin, and in this regard, they are perhaps the same. Any types of dragons can cross-breed freely, but rather than resulting in hybrids, new types can emerge from this.

    Name: Dragon Breath
    Requirements: Dragon
    Description: All dragons possess a "breath" ability. Some dragons can breathe fire, some can breathe acid, some lightning. This ability varies between breeds of dragons, but it is usually meant as a weapon. Although its effects are clearly abnormal, it is not technically a use of chakra: a dragon's breath is created in their lungs without the use of chakra.

    Name: Dragon Flight
    Requirements: Dragon
    Description: With their wings, dragons are capable of flight. While the wings of many are large enough to support their weight, there are multiple types of dragons who augment their ability to fly through magical means.

    Name: Dragon Might
    Requirements: Dragon
    Description: While different types of dragons possess different physical and magical attributes, there is one thing true for all of them: they are very powerful. While some are larger than others, there is no such thing as a small adult dragon, and many of them are even stronger than they look. Few materials are capable of piercing their scales, and their magic resistance is high enough to simply ignore most forms of chakra. Other known abilities include natural regeneration and very sharp senses.

    Name: Dragon Shapeshifting
    Requirements: Dragon
    Description: Dragons are capable of shapeshifting without resorting to techniques. They can freely transform into creatures smaller and weaker than themselves, which are practically all beings of flesh and blood. While they don't technically gain the abilities said creatures may possess, their use of chakra is strong enough to adequately simulate them.

    Very little is known about how dragons think. They are best known for being the most prideful creatures in existence. Some stories make them out to be bloodthirsty and aggressive. Others attribute great wisdom an unyielding sense of honor to these beings. Some even paint them as kind and gentle creatures. It is likely that there is some truth in each.

    Dragons are not natives of this world however as it happens, very little is known about them. Whether they have any form of society is entirely unknown. They do not appear to discriminate based on breed, but they clearly respect power. What is known is that dragons are generally seen by themselves.

    One fact is for sure, it is that the 8 headed dragon Orochi was their leader, and seen as bloodthirsty and aggressive. He was given tributes every 10 years, however, for the last 10 tributes, he was nowhere to be seen. Effectively as if he disappeared from the world for more than a hundred years. The new Village Setting in the Sun, can be attributed to having many different races, including dragons in their ranks.
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