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    Name: Varied
    Aliases: Humans, The Godless (derogatory)
    Humans are humanoids of ordinarily average size who lack any outstanding appendages. They are recognized as a group of highly similar races by some, but others consider them all to be members of one race. The reason for that is the high irregularity of features that humans display. While each ethnic group or race has something distinctive, the same feature may sometimes be even more expressed in a member of another group.

    Humans are very varied. They can be as short as any beastmen or as tall as Oni. They can easily be thin, fat or muscular, and their lifestyle has a very heavy impact on their build. The color of their skin ranges from pale white to various shades of bronze and brown, sometimes with a strange pink or yellow tint. Their eye colors can be anything outside the red spectrum, while their hair can be all shades of blond, ginger, brown or black. Even the sharpness of their senses varies from person to person.

    Their lifespan is also quite irregular. They reach adulthood around the age of twenty, past their prime around forty-five and live just under a century. How long a human can actually survive, however, depends on a lot of their living conditions, sometimes in rather peculiar ways.
    Name: Human Nature
    Requirements: Human (any)
    Description: Humans have a single special trait, and it's something very few people are even aware of. They have an unusual connection with chakra. This does not make it easier for them to use techniques, nor does it provide them with special resistance against any technique type. They are not able to learn it easier, nor are they generally more powerful, either. They gain 5 extra jutsu slots, allowing them to be more varied like their race.
    It is practically impossible to summarize the mentality of humans as a whole, simply because they are very different from one another. Some are honest, some are crooked. Some have a strong will, some do not. Some are selfless, others are selfish. On average, humans look out for themselves before they do for others. However, their exact behavior varies a lot from person to person.
    Humans are sometimes called 'the godless' by other peoples. The reason for that is simple: no god has claimed them as a race they created. In fact, it is believed that humans were born on the Ninja World as a result of seeds being implanted and them being the fodder for a "god-like" race to eat them for more power. They appeared in different places and carried visible differences to one another. With no god to guide them, it was only natural that they developed in different ways.

    Human society cannot be described as a whole. These people, due to their relatively short lives and quick multiplication, have created large countries, but they were weak and forced back due to Orochi and what they called some "catastrophic war". They relied on some tactics and were the first to propose the idea of different races living side by side. As time passed, humans stopped existing outside these unified nations. The laws and ways of these nations often ended up quite different from one another.
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