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    Name: Oni
    Aliases: Demon

    Oni’s are humanoid creatures with highly varied features that are commonly above average size. They possess leathery wings, curved horns, and a pointed tail. Their complexion is generally dark, ranging from bronze to very dark brown, commonly with a distinctly red hue. Their hair and eyes are usually on the darker side, but can be pretty much any color, with the exception of light and pale ones. The pupils of the eyes are slitted. Their teeth are sharper than most other humanoids'. Oni’s possess many varied features, some introducing drastic differences between them. The varying size and shape of their wings, horns and tails are the most subtle ones.

    Some of them have scales with colors similar to their skin; this ranges from a small spot or two to covering most of their body. Some possess beast-like limbs; this ranges from nails being larger and sharper to their legs being like an animal's and ending with claws. In more extreme cases, they may even have hooves. Their hands always retain four fingers and opposable thumbs, however. Beast-like legs are often covered with scales or fur. The tail tips of some Oni’s are covered in hard and sharp barbs and some of those secrete poison. Some Oni’s possess more than two horns, in which case their shape is also more varied than normal.

    Oni’s are naturally inclined to athletic and muscular builds with low body fat due to their living conditions. They are pretty large, standing at an average height of 6'6" (198 cm) for males and 5'10" (178 cm) for females. The wingspan of an Oni is usually below twice their height, since their ability to fly isn't strictly tied to their physique.

    Just like most humanoid species, they are separated into male and female genders. While males are larger and appear to be physically superior, there is actually no such relation. Oni’s have low compatibility with other species, and half-breeds are unheard of. Pregnancy lasts about a year, and childbirth is the same as for most humanoids.

    Newborn children aren't as helpless as from the majority of species. Their growth is rapid at first and slows down as they approach maturity, the process taking an average of twenty years. Adult Oni’s stop aging and retain their youth for most of their lives, which can last many centuries. Their appearance slowly starts changing again when they are within several decades of the end of their lifespan, but their physical condition only deteriorates rapidly in the last several years.

    Name: Oni Physique
    Requirements: Oni
    Description: The most infamous among the Oni's traits is their high physical strength: all of them are a lot stronger than they look. While they can get stronger through the same means as everyone else, a significant portion of their strength is something they're born with. They are also very tough; they possess a very high pain threshold and heal quickly, able to fully recover from lesser injuries within half an hour. Their scales, when present, provide a bit of natural defense.

    Living in a highly hostile environment, they require little oxygen to feel comfortable and are highly resistant to a wide range of toxins and poisons. They have a body temperature of 40.4 C (104.7 F) and are highly perceptive to cold. At the same time, even extreme heat is practically harmless to them. They are able to see perfectly clear even in complete darkness, at the same time not suffering from bright light. In return for having powerful bodies, Oni’s have low affinity for water elemental techniques usually, they are not able to have water element at all.

    Name: Oni Flight
    Requirements: Oni
    Description: The Oni’s are capable of flight, but their wings are far from large or strong enough to support their weight. Instead, their ability to fly is augmented through chakra. This is done subconsciously. While usually not inferior to 'normal' flight, it tires them out quicker and makes them more vulnerable to ninjutsu attacks in mid-air. Additionally, this power doesn't develop until they reach puberty.

    They don't go out of their way to hurt others, but they generally act out of completely selfish reasons. Their two most valued things are strength and freedom. Any means to do whatever you want are considered good, although earning it with brute force is considered more virtuous than through plotting and tricks. They have few laws, only the minimum necessary for their society to continue existing.

    With a disposition like that, Oni’s tend to discriminate against other races. Their discrimination is based solely on the notion of power, however. Needless to say, their relations with most races are rather poor, and most view them as bloodthirsty barbarians. Oni’s themselves hold no particular animosity to other races, with the exception of Tennins.


    The homeland of this species is The Underworld, a massive city located in a hellish environment. The whole place is in the extreme south of the world, practically inaccessible to anyone else, but it does not belong to Oni’s alone. Many indigenous plants and beasts dwell there as well, posing a large threat even to this powerful race.

    Although very hostile, The Underworld is abundant with all kinds of resources. The dangerous flora and fauna provide an infinite supply of food, and there are countless rare and precious metals and minerals scattered around, many not found anywhere else. The god Izanami provided for her children, at the same time forcing them to work hard to even survive, not to mention prosper.

    Everything in the Oni society depends on strength. Everyone is given equal opportunity to become who they want. One's social standing and position are all decided through combat. Regulations exist, making only official challenges legal ways of obtaining something. If an Oni is found using some underhanded tactic against another Oni, be it inside or outside official challenges, they are punished quite harshly. Above all else, Oni’s are not allowed to oppress each other in any way. These are the rules necessary for the society to keep expanding and developing; The Underworld is practically known to be lawless otherwise.

    Living in an extremely harsh environment and being focused on personal strength and combat, Oni’s are quite backward in terms of technology. They are a little behind most other races, and what technology they have was largely taken from others. They have no particular cultural or scientific achievements, either, although their military science and martial arts are among the best in the world. While they revere Izanami as their god and maker, Oni’s never pray. They have a concept of marriage but rarely use it, and most relationships are completely open.
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