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    Name: Tennin
    Aliases: Angel

    Tennins are humanoid creatures of above average size who possess feathered wings. These wings are usually white, although slight shades of lighter colors are also known to appear. Their skin color is varied but predominantly white or tan. 'Unnatural' hair colors such as pink are possible, but no dark or bright colors are to be found. Their eyes can be of a bright color, but clear shades of red never appear in their eyes or hair.

    The build of this species may vary a lot. The average height is 6'1" (185.5 cm) for males and 5'9" (175 cm) for females. The only constant is their massive wings, which grant them the ability to fly and also make them significantly heavier than other humanoids of the same size. Because flying is their primary mode of transportation, Tennins tend to have strong backs and be in decent shape overall. The areas around where their wings connect to the back are very sensitive. Their diet traditionally consists of the indigenous 'heavenly fruit' that grow in Celeste, so overweight Tennins are unheard of, and most of them naturally end up as vegetarians.

    Like most humanoid species, they are separated into males and females, with males being the physically dominant gender. Tennins can only procreate among themselves, which excludes the possibility of half-breeds. The process of childbirth is also rather irregular. After about two months, the female will 'lay an egg', a glowing sphere protected by powerful formation technique. This sphere will continue to slowly grow for two years, after which a child capable of walking and flying and imbued with some basic knowledge will 'hatch'.

    Tennins grow up rather quickly, reaching maturity within twelve years after birth. They stop aging after reaching it and remain young in appearance for most of their life, which can easily last over a millennium. Upon coming within several decades of the end of their lifespan, a Tennin will start aging as normal.


    Name: Tennin Physique
    Requirements: Tennin
    Living among the skies, Tennins require little oxygen to function normally, so their stamina is almost inexhaustible on the ground. They are also very resistant to cold and have a body temperature of 31,8 C (89,2 F). Incidentally, this makes them very perceptive and vulnerable to heat.

    Name: Tennin Flight
    Requirements: Tennin
    With their wings, Tennins can fly freely and possibly the best of all flying creatures. Their wing muscles are very strong, much more so than any other in their bodies. Their eyes are sharper than any bird's and possess two lenses instead of one, allowing them to see with perfect clarity at a great distance as well as at point blank. Their feathers are sensitive enough to perfectly read the flow of air, giving them unparalleled control in flight. All of this is purely physical and instinctive.

    Name: Kunitokotachis' Might
    Requirements: Tennin, Fortitudo noble family, Taijutsu
    Members of the Fortitudo family possess massive physical strength and resilience. While they do not possess increased regeneration, harming them with a physical attack is hard. This is purely using chakra in nature, so it is not reflected in their appearance. A bit ironically, since they have no need to exercise to be strong, members of this family often appear frail. For an unknown reason, they have many troubles when trying to use techniques.

    The potency of this power improves alongside the user's 'normal' physique. Since it is passive and acts as part of their natural strength, most never develop it to its full potential, simply because of being unable or unwilling to strain themselves. The difference between the lowest and highest strength this power provides is significant, but not as noticeable as simply having it is.

    Name: Kunitokotachis' Flight
    Requirements: Tennin, Temperantia noble family, Taijutsu Minor or Higher
    Members of the Temperantia family possess the ability to move at a great speed. An untrained eye will not even see their movement, and even for an experienced warrior only a glowing afterimage is visible; that is how this ability got its nickname of 'light speed'. This ability also increases the perception and reaction speed of the user accordingly. However, it is not perfect. It is suitable for little more than movement since most objects cannot withstand a collision at such a speed, including the user's own body. Additionally, it causes physical fatigue alongside a significant chakra cost.

    The exact speed one can move at depends on their physique and practice. The difference between the slowest and fastest possible movement is significant but less noticeable than the raw boost this power gives.

    Name: Kunitokotachis' Light
    Requirements: Tennin, Iustitia noble family, Ijutsu
    Members of the Iustitia family possess the ability to manipulate "chakra light". This ability always manifests itself as a glowing yellow mass, as if it was concentrated and contained light, hence its name. It can be used to simulate a variety of effects possible with ordinary techniques even if one can't use said techniques. While it consumes just as much chakra, it doesn't have nearly the same complexity, and actually, has several advantages.

    First and foremost, it can be made tangible, which is very difficult to do with plain chakra. The second advantage is that it heals faster and more efficiently than other kinds of chakra. The third advantage is that it weakens "evil" creatures (undead, vampires, etc) on direct contact.

    They value virtue above all else, particularly the four cardinal virtues (fortitude, temperance, prudence, and justice). Almost as important are laws, rules, and traditions. While the punishment for breaking most of these is quite humane, there are many rules where they seemingly don't belong: for example, rules on proper courtship. Rather naturally, any "sinful" feelings and actions are persecuted.

    Despite their alleged virtuousness, you would not often see a Tennin helping someone. The first reason is that they believe in the greater good before moral good, meaning they may view helping someone at present as merely harming them in the long term. The second reason is that they look down on others, who are "drowning in sin" despite having been given guidance multiple times throughout history.

    Tennins generally treat everyone the same, but they hate Tengu, another primeval race, with a passion. While there had been no open warfare between them for centuries, the two races remain bitter enemies.

    The Tennin society is practically a utopia. Their homeland, Celeste, is in the outer reaches of the known world and many have not seen it or know it's location. As such, it had been inaccessible to any other race throughout history. The temperature is comfortably cool, there is only a single season, and the indigenous trees bear fruit all year round, providing more than enough food for the population. By all means, it is a paradise created by the god Kunitokotachi for his children.

    From the very start, all Tennins were decreed equal, guided by three "elders" who whose families would come to be nobles. With no real hardships or external threats, the Tennins never felt the need to dispute this and thus developed rapidly. Their culture was quickly enriched by many works of philosophy and, following closely, science. Their technological and cultural achievements significantly surpassed those of the other two primeval races.

    Their society has not changed much since conception, save for technology. The three elders put a start to the three noble families, which govern the different aspects of their society. The Fortitudo family governs the military and police. The Temperantia family is in charge of preserving tradition and history, as well as diplomatic relations. The Iustitia family maintains social order and metes out punishment. There is no notion of marriage among Tennins, but they usually mate for life with their "destined partner".

    Having witnessed the coming of the Old and New gods, Tennins know for a fact that such beings exist. While they follow the teachings of The first god, Kunitokotachi, they are not particularly religious in common sense. Instead, they honor their god by following a strict set of rules. They are the only surviving race in The world to possess crude machinery of their own design. Their archives contain information on many now extinct peoples and creatures.

    While Tennins have become much more open in their relations with all residents of The world, few of them ever leave Celeste, and fewer still take up residence anywhere else. Celeste itself remains completely closed to all outsiders.
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