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    Element System

    This is a very notable and strict feature of The Ninja RP. To learn certain technique, you must have the elemental nature of the technique. Once you pick the element you want to learn then it can't be changed anymore unless through permission by one of the Staff Members. The reason for this is that after learning it you will have accumulated techniques for the element and it will be difficult to roleplay as to how they would achieve changing elements.

    • E Rank- 1 Element
    • D-B Rank- 2 Elements
    • A rank- 2 Elements, 1 Special or Combination Element
    • S Rank- 3 Elements, 2 Special or Combination Elements

    For people with a bloodline that grants you an additional element by combining two existing ones, you get that element from D Rank, but it pre-defines the elements you can have. For example, a Senju obtains Wood element at D rank, but they must add the ones that make up Wood, which is Water and Earth, later. This means, at D rank you get either Earth or Water and then again; at A-Rank you get either Earth or Water.

    The five basic chakra elements have a system of superiority and inferiority. Superior elements easily overpower those inferior to them, while inferior ones are easily overpowered by superior ones. This may also have other effects. Below is a list of elemental relations:


    • Fire is weak against Water and strong against Wind. Water jutsu easily beat Fire jutsu.
    • Water is weak against Earth and strong against Fire. Earth jutsu easily surpass Water jutsu.
    • Earth is weak against Lightning and strong against Water. Lightning jutsu easily beat Earth jutsu.
    • Lightning is weak against Wind and strong against Earth. Wind jutsu easily cancel Lightning jutsu.
    • Wind is weak against Fire and strong against Lightning. Fire jutsu are boosted in power by Wind jutsu.
    Note: After a Role Playing Character has been created, the user can change the element of said created RPC without explicitly obtaining Staff Permission through Template Changes If and Only If:
    • The RPC has no elemental techniques
    • The RPC is B-Rank or below
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