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    Bloodline Name:
    Byakugan - White Eye
    Clan Name: Hyuuga
    Leader: Shirou Hyuuga (NPC)
    Village: Konohagakure

    Clan Description: The Hyuuga clan is known as the strongest clan of the Hidden Leaf, however, it hadn't always been like that. It was always a rather large clan, but it had only occupied the third place at best, fluctuating slightly as other clans rose and fell. As the two strongest clans - the Uchiha and the Senju - slowly died out, it moved up without fail to take the place of the most powerful clan.

    There is not much to be said about the Hyuuga clan's history, it's structure, however, is of note. The clan is split into two parts: the branch family and the head family - but the separation is not a very common one. Only the first child of a head family couple gets to inherit the name, the others are marked as branch family, and their children automatically become members of the branch family as well. Because of this, the branch part of the clan is much larger than the head. Every branch family member has a seal engraved in their forehead in early childhood, marking them for the rest of their life, but its real purpose is different. Every head family member is taught a technique that can activate the seal, putting the target branch family member in immense pain and possibly killing them. As if that wasn't enough to create tensions within the clan, the stronger techniques of the Hyuuga are only taught to the head family members.

    After two hundred years of peace within the Hyuuga family, a war erupted that nearly wiped out the branch family and the main family. The tensions were somewhat abated, however, there still exists a difference between the branch and head family members. The results were quite obvious. 300 after the civil war in the clan and they were still small compared to their former glory. The events of the catastrophic war, lead to the clan being in front of every charge the ninjas could manage. With their Byakugan, the Hyuuga could find faults within the enemy and try to take it down. However, again the clan dwindled, but their names were forever etched into a heroic stance within all the villages.

    While the Hyuuga's bloodline is known as Byakugan or White Eye, it actually has another bloodline limit ability - Jyuuken or Gentle Fist, although that name is more commonly used to refer to the clan's specific fighting style based on utilizing this ability. The bloodline is focused on advanced chakra manipulations and using it to attack an enemy directly. It is commonly known that Hyuuga's are not able to use any sort of weapon in combination with Jyuuken.

    Bloodline Limits:

    Bloodline Limit Name:
    Requirements: 400 Experience Points; 300 Experience Points for mastery
    Description: The widely known technique, Byakugan is a doujutsu with an unmatched level of vision. When activated, it allows the user to see in every direction at the same time, with only a small blind spot at some angle above their back. More than that, it allows one to scan wide areas by letting them see through objects and over a distance of up to ten miles. Finally, they can detect chakra even better than the Sharingan, capable of seeing even the chakra circulatory system of living creatures. However, Byakugan does not have the Sharingan's ability to detect and anticipate high-speed movement.

    While the Byakugan only has one stage, the level of power between its general level and that which only a few can achieve is vast. Generally, mastering this doujutsu yields all the same powers to a clan member, with only one tiny difference, which creates a large gap in power as a result. This difference is the ability to see tenketsu, special regulatory points in one's chakra circulatory system. By attacking these points with Jyuuken, the Hyuuga can affect the flow of chakra in their opponent's body without limit. With that said, they cannot be attacked without being able to see them, which is the reason why two Hyuugas of the same average skill level can have entirely different combat power.

    Bloodline Limit Name: Jyuuken (Gentle Fist)
    Requirements: Hyuuga Bloodline/Implant. 300 Experience Points per level. Taijutsu Minor or higher.
    Description: Rumored to be the strongest taijutsu style in existence, Gentle Fist is an effective killing technique. Unlike a common taijutsu style, it is not based on speed and strength, but solely speed, which allows its practitioners to have more specialization. The style's blows are weak, but they deal exceptional damage because the style is based on attacking the chakra circulatory system. The Hyuuga are able to release chakra from every opening on their body, unlike normal shinobi, and they can see their enemy's chakra circulatory system, which allows this style to be effectively used. By attacking it, the clan members can deal damage to their opponent's internal organs and disrupt their chakra flow. Since it uses chakra to attack, ordinary defensive measures are rendered useless. Stronger shinobi can make it work even through armor, but it can't be used to damage chakra system at all unless the user's hand connects with the target

    • E Rank, Able to attack the chakra network
    • B rank (Requires Mastered Byakugan/Not an implant), Able to attack the specific tenketsu points.
    • S rank, Able to 'strike' through armors regardless of chakra.

    Clan Jutsus:

    Note that All Hyuuga bloodline jutsu can be used both in and outside of Jyuuken.

    Name: Chakra Needles
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank: D
    Range: N/A
    Requirements: None
    Description: A basic technique of the Hyuuga clan, it creates small blades of chakra protruding from the user's fingers. While not amazingly powerful, it can cut in any direction like a sharp steel knife, and it can also be used to cut something that is reinforced by chakra and impossible to cut by normal means. However, since the needles are thin and short, it can only create minor wounds even on a fully landed strike.

    Name: Chakra Burst
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank: C
    Range: N/A
    Requirements: None
    Description: A special technique that utilizes the Hyuuga's ability to freely release chakra through any point on their body, something common shinobi are limited in. As by its name, it releases a moderate amount of chakra in a burst all around them. This can protect them from weaker attacks, though mostly of the physical type, but must be timed well in order to have the desired effect without wasting a lot of chakra.

    Name: Hakke Kuushou - Eight Divination Signs Air Palm/Hakke Hasangeki - Eight Divination Signs Destructive Mountain Fist
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank: D/B
    Range: 1 Meter / 2Meters
    Requirements: Jyuuken, Taijutsu Minor or Higher
    Description: This technique is extremely simple in its execution and just as weak. By releasing a bit of chakra from their palm as they attack, the Hyuuga can create a "force wave" that is capable of pushing enemies backward and works at a long distance as well. However, the damage dealt by this technique itself is practically non-existent, and the knockback can be almost entirely negated by shinobi who manage to stay firmly on the ground.

    A stronger variation of this jutsu is Hakke Hasangeki. Unlike Kuushou that creates an aspheric wave of about seven feet in diameter, Hasangeki releases a thin stream of about only one foot, but at greater speed. It is also more like a physical strike, and in itself has the damage potential of a heavy punch. Since it has more force, deals actual, although relatively light, damage and affects an area of the body rather than the whole, thus creating dis-balance in the target's stance, it can push targets much farther back.

    Name: Hakkeshou Kaiten - Eight Divination Palms of the Hand, Heavenly Spin
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank: A/S
    Range: 1 Meter / 5 Meters
    Requirements: Jyuuken, Chakra Burst, Taijutsu Major or Higher
    Description: Using their ability to release chakra through every opening on their body, the Hyuuga have developed a powerful technique that can be used for both defense and offense. Doing the same as in Chakra Burst, they will spin in one place at a rapid rate using chakra on their feet, thus creating an aspheric barrier of chakra around them. Thanks to the rotation, it can deflect stronger attacks than it normally would be able to, while also requiring a manageable amount of chakra. This technique can block any simple physical attack, any genjutsu if executed in time, and ninjutsu moves equal to or lower in rank than this technique itself, deflecting them away from the Hyuuga instead of destroying them.

    In case if Kaiten is broken, depending on the jutsu that was used against it, it may cause an explosion of chakra, in which case the Hyuuga and everything close to the broken technique's borders suffers some minor damage, in addition to other results of their actions. While it isn't very powerful, this barrier of chakra also has a damage output, since it acts like a solid spinning barrier for physical objects.

    Name: Hakke Sanjuunishou - Eight Divination Signs, Thirty-Two Palms of the Hand/Hakke Rokujuuyounshou - Eight Divination Signs, Sixty-Four Palms of the Hand/Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou - Eight Divination Signs, One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight Palms of the Hand
    Type: Taijutsu
    Rank: B/A/S
    Range: N/A
    Requirements: Jyuuken, Ninjutsu Major or Higher
    Description: A powerful taijutsu technique of the Hyuuga clan, it uses chakra to greatly increase the speed of attacks executed by someone, in addition to the common Jyuuken technique. It has three levels and two variations, the first being attacking someone with open palms and the second being striking them precisely with two fingers, which allows one to affect tenketsu. Of course, the second variation is impossible to properly pull off without the ability to see said points, and while it deals less damage generally, it is more potent in battle. This technique allows one to quickly assault anyone within the "divination field", which is ten, fifteen and twenty feet for the first, second and third levels respectively. This technique is basically an insane combo consisting of several stages. The first stage is two strikes, the second stage is four, the third is eight, the fourth is sixteen.

    The fifth stage, which is also the final stage for the first level of this technique, consists of thirty-two strikes, the sixth, being the last for second level, of sixty-four and the seventh, which is the highest stage for the master level, of one hundred and twenty-eight; these three numbers are how the technique got its name. This makes for a total of sixty-two, one hundred twenty-six and two hundred fifty-four strikes at the first, second and final levels respectively. As the combo progresses, the speed at which attacks are executed increases as well, the time frame for each following stage being just a tiny margin longer than for the previous one while the number of blows doubles. Naturally, while the attack's speed is great, the power behind each blow is quite low. However, because of the Jyuuken, the lack of physical damage dealt by the blows themselves doesn't matter. This move only affects the chakra point and not the organs attached to such points.
    Note: This technique must be learned stage by stage

    Name: Shugo Hakke Rokujuuyonshou - Guardian Eight Divination Signs, Sixty-Four Palms of the Hand/Shugo Hakke Hyakunijuuhachishou - Guardian Eight Divination Signs, One-Hundred and Twenty-Eight Palms of the Hand
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Rank: A/S
    Jyuuken, Hakke Hasangeki, Taijutsu Major or Higher
    Description: While bearing a name similar to one of the signature techniques of the Hyuuga, both the execution and especially effects of this technique are much closer to Kaiten, although no spinning is involved. Similarly to the normal Palms of the Hand techniques, the user will use chakra to greatly increase the speed at which their arms and hands move and the jutsu also takes effect within a "divination field", although it is two times smaller than that of the according to Hakke palms techniques. Releasing chakra in a solid line from the center of their palm, controlling it to stay within a certain distance of the user and swinging their arms all around themselves, the Hyuuga create an aspheric net of chakra that is clearly visible by themselves. This chakra net, much like Kaiten, protects them against incoming attacks while damaging careless enemies, but there are some differences.
    Since it's net-like rather than even in every direction release of chakra and there is no spin, smaller projectiles can still get through its openings.

    With ninjutsu, it mostly depends on the effects of the technique while theoretically being able to negate a jutsu of any rank. Blocking the main damaging effects of a technique that is equal to or lower rank than it. The advanced level of this technique increases the speed at which the Hyuuga swings their arms, thus allowing them to create a practically solid barrier, with only minimal openings. The Sixty-Four Palms variation creates a net with thick, about an inch and a half, "threads" and, consequentially, openings, while the advanced One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms variation creates a net with "threads" as small as one millimeter thick, and thus the openings are also reduced greatly. Thanks to this, the advanced level provides complete protection against physical and ninjutsu attacks. Visual genjutsu is also negated, due to the simple fact that the barrier of chakra completely blocks the user's normal view, and the special Byakugan sight is not affected by it, but other genjutsu still affect them. It provides some offensive capability, being able to severely wound those who come into contact with it without proper protection upon them. The Hyuuga cannot move while performing either level of this technique, and while it could be maintained for more than just one instance it costs the same level of chakra per post it is used (so A rank for the earlier version and S rank for the latter).
    Note: This technique must be learned stage by stage.

    Number of Members Allowed: 1/3
    Initial Members:

    Konohagakure - Nova, Ethan [B Rank Chunin]
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