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    Bloodline Name:
    Clan Name: Senju
    Leader: N/A
    Village: Konohagakure

    Clan History: No one truly knows where the Senju have come from. The most popular opinion among Ninja scholars is that the Senju have formed a pact with an obscenely powerful nature King Spirit, one that has promised them great powers over the creative forces of nature, provided they increase its power by spreading its reach across the world. According to these scholars, it would explain why some members are able to subdue the rampaging berserker spirits known as the Tailed Beasts, drawing upon the powers of a much more powerful spirit to calm them. However, that is all conjecture considering that all Tailed Beasts have died out a hundred years ago.

    The Bloodline of those who are regarded as Ninja gods, Senju clansmen or rather Clansmen of a Thousand Skills, have no particular bloodline ability that is shared by all of them, aside from having an extremely high chakra pool and enhanced stamina. Aside from these physical aspects, the only thing that links each clansman is their ability to become extremely proficient in their desired Symbol ability. While held at a high prestige for being above average shinobi, unlike the Uchiha they are not embedded with blood rights to the abilities they will eventually harvest. Instead, they relying on hard work and dedication to their chosen specialization to become the gods of Ninja they were meant to be.

    Bloodline Limits:

    Bloodline Limit Name:
    Ancient Blood of Senju
    Requirements: Senju Clan, Gained at creation
    Description: The Senju are descendants of Asura Otsutsuki, the youngest son of the Sage of the Six Paths. Through Asura, the Senju inherited the Sage's "body", granting them a powerful life force and chakra. Unlike most other clans, the Senju never developed a specialized ability or style of combat, its members instead of being equally proficient in all the ninja arts. It is this balance that they acquired their name, "Senju" ( Literally meaning: "a thousand skills", "a thousand hands"), in reference to their being "the clan with a thousand skills". It is because of this that each and every Senju has a massive chakra pool, increased stamina, and are able to learn jutsu of any style as if they were bloodline in regards to style points. Meaning the Senju clan learns bloodline jutsu with a one stage style bonus.

    Bloodline Limit Name: One Thousand Skills Specialization
    Requirements: C rank, Must post their Specialization in the special ability applications
    Description: Over the years, the natural prowess of the Senju clan in all fields of the ninja arts has been made known. Hailed as the clan that produces the most "geniuses" or "ninja gods" of any Era, what sets the Senju apart isn't simply their versatility among the various ninja arts, but their ability to apply their natural talent into a specific field, making them unparalleled in its use. Upon reaching C rank, each Senju can choose to specialize in a specific category of skill. While this may not be as broad as an entire style, it may be a subset of a particular style, whether it be a specific element or theme. Upon choosing their trademark, each Senju gains an immediate boost to their skills in that field, reducing training involving their skill by 50%, as well as granting them an additional boon of their choice, to be listed in their trademark application.

    Bloodline Limit Name: One Thousand Skills Specialization - Advancement
    Requirements: B/A/S ranks respectively for each advancement, 500 Experience Points for first, second and third levels separately.
    Description: As with any truly great ninja, a Senju never quits or retires until they've become a god of their specialization. Near myths, the abilities of the elite Senju have been regarded as a simple legend, feats considered unattainable by any without their blessed blood coursing through their veins. With this bloodline limit, a Senju advances their trademark's focus in stages, granting additional, more powerful abilities as they progress their skills. Functioning as three additional limits that scale upwards in power, a Senju can gain their first second and third advancements at B, A, and S ranks respectively. These must be posted in the special abilities section of applications.

    Bloodline Limit Name: Senju Modoo
    Requirements: Senju, All Specialization advancements learned, 1000 Experience Points
    Description: Regarded as the greatest ability of the Senju clan's hidden potential, Senju Modoo grants an advanced level Senju additional power based on their field of expertise, making them deadly fighters, amazing healers or godly summoners on the battlefield for a short duration of time. Each Senju's form is different, however, though they all function in a similar manner. Anyone with this ability gains a custom made form that they may arrange in any fashion. Additionally, as well as these increased statistics, a user also gains a passive ability that is always active whenever their Senju Modoo is, though this ability must fit the theme of their specialization. Because of the power this form grants, there must always be some sort of post limitation or chakra cost during its duration to prevent it from being used indefinitely, however. When a Senju has earned this ability, they may post their custom form as a limit in the custom special abilities subsection.

    Clan Jutsus: None

    Number of Members Currently/Allowed:
    Initial Members:

    Sultanate of the Setting Sun - "Grace" [B Rank, Jounin]
    Sultanate of the Setting Sun - Vira Rudra [B Rank, Genin]
    Konohagakure - Kibo Enoshima [E Rank, Genin]
    Konohagakure - Awabīsuto Senju [E Rank, Genin]
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