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Discussion in 'Reviews!' started by Horus, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Name: In a Different World with a Naruto System

    Alright, so this is a interesting Novel created by a author who seemed to want to use the Naruto System as a base. It really is cool in concept. We begin our story with a boy who is transported to another world. He is given a "System" that lets him buy Naruto things with points. To get these points, he has to kill animals and gain experience basically. He starts off with Sharingan. Now this in itself, really is an unoriginal premise, as the author simply uses the Naruto system to create a world, where no one else besides the Main Character has the naruto System.

    But, what I found interesting was the fact, that he started to go beyond the Naruto system in a sense. Creating custom Naruto items, like combining Mangekyou Sharingans to create a vastly different world around him. Of course, the author also had to put the main character as a member of Akatsuki as well (Created in a different world). All in all, I think this light novel has potential to garner many, many naruto fans who are looking for something different.


    The one aspect of a story that I always look at, is how emotionally attached I am towards the characters of the light novel, or any other forms of reading. It was really not that much, I mean they each had their own emotions, own choices. But it felt too Deus Ex. However, like I said before, Naruto fans are craving something that resembles Naruto, and this light novel reads more like a fan-fiction than a true story. Even when the one person that the main character cared about died by his own hands, it did not feel emotionally engaging rather, it just felt like "okay, time to get new powers" because that's how Uchihas obtain their powers through emotion, especially hatred.


    Well, as I am an avid fan of Naruto, in all senses, it is in my opinion something new and interesting. It meshes with a different type of Naruto scenerio, albiet a bit contrived. But the originality of seeing Naruto powers in a different world opened up many possibilities and scenerios in my own mind to enjoy. So I did enjoy this light-novel and I continue to enjoy it. I am guessing that all Naruto fans would find this light novel enjoyable. However, I am not sure about people who were not fans of Naruto as this is a review of a Naruto fan.


    In Conclusion, should you read it? Well, if you are a avid Naruto fan who wants something more than just re-reading the Naruto series I highly reccomend it. As it seems to pull an ordinary person, who likes Naruto into a world completely different from Naruto, yet at the same time using Naruto mechanics for just one character the Main character. It rather feels like a Gary Stu MC, but the fact that I am a Naruto fan makes this quite irrelavant to me.

    Have you read it? What are your thoughts about this light novel? Post below!

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