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    All of the titles are links to topics.

    If there's something you cannot find through here or in any of the topics below then feel free to Message a staff member or post your questions in the Drop Box and seasoned members or staff will be sure to come along and point you in the right direction.

    Character Creation

    Chapter One: Character Creation
    This breaks down how to fill out the character template if a portion of it maybe confuses you. Basically, this is where you post your character for it to get approved.

    • Chapter One: Part Two: Canon Jutsu, Abilities and traits
      A multitude of jutsu one might wish to peruse through for their styles, as well as some Canon abilities (so be sure to check the canon list to make sure you're not just recreating something we already have). This is a great place to start if you want to start off with any abilities. In addition, there are also traits that can be gained at creation or otherwise making roleplaying a different experience.
    • Chapter One: Part Three: Canon Clans
      Home of the Uchiha, Hyuuga, exploding Nendo, and more. Be sure to check if the clan is open because let's face it: Uchiha always closes fast. Other clans' popularity fluctuates a bit more. There also exists the custom bloodline section if none of these is your preferred flavor.
    • Chapter One: Part Four: Canon Races
      This is where it's really happening. To be honest, it is one of the main points of our forum, incorporating different races into a new Naruto World. We have many different races here on The Ninja RP, and you can always add more. This topic leads to all the "canon" races of the website, and it is preferred that you read it. As you might want to make a different character race than a human.
    Chapter Two: Fighting Styles
    This is the core of how your character fights and something important to consider like personality. Do you want to be someone who heals people with Ijutsu? A user of the elements? A strong man whose punches decimate walls, people and more? Perhaps illusions are your thing, to confuse opponents and create a backstory of illusion. Or Instead, maybe you like the finesse and control of puppets, allies that won't betray you. By choosing one of three levels in a skill (none to a specialist) you mold your character and how they best aid allies and take down foes. Details what rank of jutsu you may learn based upon its rank and your levels in proficiency.

    Chapter Three: Elements
    The five basic elements a character can start with: Katon (Fire), Raiton (Lightning), Fuuton (Wind), Doton (Earth), and Suiton (Water). Even without Ninjutsu as a style, they can help a character, and they supply the paths to combination elements and some special elements one may wish to acquire later. Also, details when you get your primary, secondary, and tertiary element slots as well as elemental weaknesses. This also states how many combination elements that a character can have.

    Chapter Four: Special Abilities, Traits, Bloodlines and Implants
    Details how many SAs(as they're commonly abbreviated to), Traits, Bloodlines and implants you can have based on your rank.

    Chapter Five: Item System and Generic Item List
    Details the differences between the ranks in weapons, from the lower ones to mystical Artifact level S-ranks, how to obtain S-rank weaponry. This post also has a list of canon weapons anyone can add into their inventory without asking for permission -just make sure your rank allows you to wield it since they're not all C-rank and below.

    Into the RP Forums

    Chapter Six: Learning Jutsu and Experience Points

    An important topic, it tells you(based on rank)how many jutsu slots you have and how long it takes to learn a jutsu of a certain rank, as well as how many points to learn a kinjutsu beneath the chart and any bonuses based on rank for learning a kinjutsu.

    the next section tells you how much EXP you earn by teaching someone a jutsu, how much EXP it takes to reduce training by a post based on your rank, and how many to reduce for a point when it comes to point training. It can also be gained from events (IC/OOC) and missions. We here reward active roleplaying and character building, experience points is just another way that shows how much experience you have accumulated.

    Chapter Seven: Missions
    Tells one how many posts it takes to complete a mission dependent upon its rank. Also, tells one how much EXP to expect from a mission so if one would like to suggest a mission to the staff you can decide upon the rewards based upon these two listings.

    Note: after you're done with all the missions you wish to accomplish in a thread (as you can keep doing them in the same thread), post a link or multiple links to topics involving missions you've completed recently for a village in your template changes.

    Chapter Eight: Ranking Up and You
    Reveals the few ways one can increase their rank, via using rank trains/tablets, or any chunin/jounin exams going on (dependent upon your rank upon successful promotion).

    Other Useful Information

    Character Plots
    This is where you post plots other people may be interested in joining or you want others to help with. Although you don't need to use the template, it would be easier for you to get more members for the plot that you are trying to do.

    Requires one to have at least a minor in Ninjutsu since that's what it takes to learn Kuchiyose no Jutsu. Details how to create a contract via stipulations and then how to wield one In Character.

    Sennin Modoo
    Shows, the system of Sennin Modoo, or commonly referred to as Sage mode. The topic encompasses, rules, regulations, as well as how to obtain a Sage character.

    Shows, the system of Jinchuriki, the topic encompasses, rules, regulations as well as how to obtain a Jinchuriki character.
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