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    When creating a new mission, the topic name must be as follows: [Rank] Type - Client. For example: [A] Assassination - Ninjamarusan-sama. Alternatively, you can do it as [Rank] Name, where "Name" can a few words characteristic of the mission's task (or not).

    Mission Type: Mission type involves a summary of the mission in one or a few words. These are given in a list below.
    Mission Rank: D rank missions are chore-like tasks usually given to freshly-baked genin. C rank missions are low-danger tasks for groups of genin, or some genin and a chunin or higher supervisor. B rank missions are moderately dangerous and important, they are usually taken by squads of chunin. A rank missions are very dangerous, only jounin would usually receive these. S rank missions are as rare as they are crucial and should only be attempted by the best.
    Client: The client for this mission. Can be a name, social standing, both or neither (anonymous).
    Requirements: The OOC and IC requirements one must meet to undertake the mission. Some requirements only need to be met by one person on a team for the whole team to attempt it (for example, awareness of a certain fact). This is the field where village requirements belong, if any.
    Description: A brief description of the mission.
    Conditions: The successful completion and failure conditions for this mission (besides the obvious death of the character).
    Reward: The reward, in Experience points, given for this mission.

    Basic Types:
    Chore - Menial tasks around the village or in close vicinity of it. D rank only.
    Escort - Can be both for an actual guard or 'honor guard'. Might focus on an object. Usually, lasts a single journey. C rank and up.
    Guard - Self-explanatory. No predefined single location or duration for the mission. C rank and up.
    Interception - The capture of an object or person on the move. B rank and up.
    Retrieval - The capture of an object or person from a specific location. C rank and up.
    Elimination - The destruction of an object, person or group. B rank and up.
    Assassination - Elimination mission where secrecy is critical. B rank and up.

    Other Types: These are added onto the normal type of the mission.
    Universal - This mission can be completed in every village, but only once in each.
    Generic - This mission can be taken and completed indefinitely.
    Special - These types of missions are plot related, and can only be performed once. There is no rank restriction, however there may be other restrictions.
    When performing missions, players have a good degree of freedom. They are allowed to completely role-play all NPCs, including "mission-givers", mission-critical characters and even the enemies in any mission up to B rank. A and S rank missions must have a staff member controlling the events when NPCs are involved, S rank missions involving harsh grading much like quests for relic-type items. Upon the completing of a mission, every participating player receives the full base reward amount.

    Experience Points: This is how many experience points you gain per mission type

    • D rank missions give 50 EXP
    • C rank missions give 100 EXP
    • B rank missions give 200 EXP
    • A rank missions give 300 EXP
    • S rank missions give 500 EXP

    Said staff moderating missions is also allowed to award extra Experience Points for the completion of a mission to the players if they believe the latter performed quite well. The maximum extra reward can be 50% of the mission's base reward and can vary per character.

    To take a mission, simply state that you intend to take it with some character. The character must meet the requirements for the mission. Upon finishing it, whether successfully or not, post in the mission topic again stating that the mission was completed or failed and give a link to the topic in which you did the mission. A mission topic should have a certain length depending on its rank, but IC events are still the main factor.

    D rank - 4 posts
    C rank - 6 posts
    B rank - 10 posts

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    Missing-ninja like any other shinobi has a place within the mission system. Often times a Kage doesn’t want a specific type of mission linked back to his/her village, so instead of sending their own ninja and hoping for the best, they send a Missing-nin to complete the task, especially some of the more...delicate tasks. Furthermore, it has been known that some Missing-ninja affiliate with specific villages due to their more welcoming status for their type of people, while other villages do not tolerate them at all. Nonetheless, any mission that is branded with a Missing-Nin Prefix means it's available only to them and not the general populace of the village. So go forth, be the mercenary of fortune you’ve always wanted to be!
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