Prologue: Part One: A World Unknown

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    The Ninja RP Prologue: Part One: A World Unknown

    The World... The World, Where has it gone? The Fresh green forests, the scenic mountains of The Hokages, the Snowy Peaks that pervaded through the land of Lightning … all decimated. The dunes which never seemed to end in the land of sands turned to glass and ashes. The great oceans and rivers of our world dried up and forgotten, histories abandoned, and a life without hope … love and joy. What happened to this life of ours so full of gluttony and happiness...?

    Five hundred years ago, the great shinobi we had known as the 7th Hokage; Naruto died in his sleep and the world kept on moving. A peace was created in his time, with the effort of all the Kages through diplomacy. Peace everlasting they said … in their time they uttered with confidence; for 500 hundred years the Peace of Kaguya was kept. But, a new crisis started with the decimation of Kumogakure, an utter annihilation of the village and all that surrounded it. We didn’t receive the information until weeks after the horror of Clouds, but that was just the beginning we should have known, but we had grown weak, lazy and incompetent as ninjas; our standards below what they once were… Our strengths diminished and weaknesses multiplied as we grew used to the peace of the world. Reports were coming in and we were less than adequate to handle the issues shall we say. More and more cities and islands around the known world the horrors coming from the west… a new name that we gave the catastrophic level events that followed. But then we finally obtained reports and sketches of what was doing this to our world… or rather who.

    It was some sort of creature, four legs, and a tail, never before seen in our world. A monstrous being of epic proportions lined up against the mythical tailed beasts. With a mouth full of fire and rage it decimated the population as the report was being made… What fools we had been to succumb to normalcy, to resort to being less than what our ancestors once were. What fools we would show ourselves to be; in an attempt to conquer the creature we attacked it, tried to kill it or tame it somehow, but it was all futile. In the end, the creature started laughing, a deep rumbling laugh that echoed through our ears… and then it spoke.

    The first words that were reported from the mouth of the thing that was destroying our world as we knew it… “Ah…so this is how I will spend the rest of my days, in satisfaction. Killing these ants is much more satisfying than those Tennin.” The creature actually spoke! Then, we humans as stupid as we always are kneeled and plead the creature for mercy. And again he laughed and killed the ones that were spotted. From then on we tried to stop it in any way we could, to delay what we all knew was coming. But all our cities crumbled in the end, all our battles were for naught. Our last bastion of hope where it all ended was in Konohagakure

    Or so we adamantly thought at the time. The advent of a ninja technique originated in this crisis, one where we could not fight against the creature, or do anything against it; we were left with only one option … Escape. Escape the bindings of the universe and move forth unto the unknown world. By that time we were left with little option but to proceed with this risky endeavor, but where would it lead? We didn’t know who could be sure about this experimental technique that was just discovered in desperation and hopelessness.

    The elders, the only ones who could perform this technique with a massive amount of chakra created a portal. But that portal…was not what they had intended, though they had also died after expending chakra their eyes showed an unwillingness to see the death of their entire race. But what followed through was even more insane; we were in despair already and we asked god for forgiveness in our crimes… yet what came through were more creatures. Beings that looked like legends of old, Tennin, Oni and much more and the remaining elders could not stop it. We thought that was the end, but they looked even more haggard and miserable than we did. They laughed when they were through when all of them came out. Many left; others hovered and looked at us as though we were some novelty.

    It seemed that they too left the world that was in destruction...though theirs had been burning because of the stars. What was a calamity to us, was merely an afterthought for them; easily defeating the thing they called a Dragon. Our interactions were limited…but they told us on their world humans died eons ago in great wars they themselves perpetuated. We were left alone, with other races taking other countries. We…defeated few could only despair at the destruction of our home the world we all knew. But all that we knew all that we had ever known had become obsolete in this new world era.

    -End Chronicler 430 AP- 10 NE

    Continue to read on! : Prologue: Part Two: The Never Ending War
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