Prologue: Part Two: The Never Ending War

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    The Ninja RP Prologue: Part Two: The Never Ending War

    The world, with all of its wealth, knowledge, and gluttony had been decimated. All that was left were the survivors or so everyone believed. The village was left gutted like a serrated knife and tore through the village, leaving little else but crumbling buildings. The seeds of anger were already planted in the hearts of the shinobi in Konohagakure, and it was just the beginning of an era of hostility that would last a hundred years. Where it would take Konohagakure was unknown then, but now in my view as the chronicler, it may just have been the right choice.

    A vast expansive world had crumbled right before their eyes, but they had once again begun to rebuild what was left of their world. In other parts of the Shinobi world, the races had settled most prominently in the former vestiges of Sunagakure now called the Sultanate of the Setting Sun. However, what Konohagakure would soon find out is that there were a vast amount of survivors who went underground when the catastrophic events occurred. The races did settle through peace but instead did something far worse; some attacked what was “rightfully” their conquered territory. A war was coming with the people’s anger, yet the other side felt peace in finally settling down in a land they could call their own.

    The anger peaked with one side declaring war, Konohagakure. The Hokage at the time Hochino Saizen was adamant that they take the ninja world “back”. The fight that would come would last decades, and Saizen died in the second decade of the war. His advisor, an unknown shinobi was his chosen replacement he called himself Hada Hiro. He was a man of character, integrity, and less ambitious than the last Hokage. Circumstances, forced him to cement his position as Hokage, as the once peace-loving nation turned to a militaristic in nature. The war seemed that it would never end, but all wars have to end at some point.

    The day was coming, yet to those in the era, it felt as if a lifetime had passed but nothing changed. On a normal day in the war, Hiro charged into the regiments of the allied forces of races, and he found himself lost in a sea of enemies. Finding hope through escaping, he went further into the country, the new village called the Setting Sun. Weak and wounded, and he was left for dead until an unremarkable human looking woman passed him by and nursed him to health. His emotions conflicted, he had seen her poverty, knew that they were the same in their sufferings. He was beginning to adapt to understand the situation he was in…unfortunately, fate does not always go according to plan.

    The woman seemed human but she was actually a dragon…it was first noted when she was harassed and almost killed due to a few muggers and bandits that ran rampant in the area. Security was not the utmost priority. He tried to save her but could not, and while doing so his heart changed for the betterment of history. He adopted the young girl that was left from the ashes of destruction and wanted a new better life for all those around him. He returned to Konohagakure, his posters around the village proclaiming him as some sort of hero who had risked it all for the war effort. Utterly disgusted at himself and the mentality of the village he proclaimed a cease-fire and a negotiation.

    War efforts had all but ceased, there were many who would say that it was the wrong choice to negotiate a truce, even to this day. But I as the new Chronicler firmly believe that it was once again, the right choice, one that would lead up to a new era. The negotiations lasted for months until an exchange program was created and travel that was restricted from and to villages was once again lifted. A group of unnamed assailants attacked the Hokage, although he was strong; he was not omnipotent killing him while spitting on the child that he had reared from birth to a young child. A similar situation occurred in the Sultanate effectively cutting off the heads of two of the most powerful men in the world.

    A war that lasted 50 years, they called it the 50 years’ war. One terror after another plagued the shinobi world, but this time thankfully it was isolated. The thankful ones, of course, were the Shinobi that were left in Konohagakure after the catastrophic war. Although the village has not forgotten the experiences of the past, the Hokage believed that it would grow stronger once more not to attack, not to hurt, and never to conquer. But to bring forth the chivalry that had died in them once again.

    -End Chronicler 30 NE - 110 NE

    And so it begins…

    This is the Ninja RP Story.
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