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    Races of the World

    This topic contains an alphabetic list of all current site canon significant races. Not all of them may be available for character creation, but you can still look up information about them.

    Name: Yokai Bestial
    Racial Group: Primeval
    Overview: The Yokai Bestial are exactly as their name implies: part beast, part Yokai. These creatures are fully sentient, in fact, some are more intelligent than other species in the world. They are regarded by other races as a primeval species for it. Since this is actually a large group of different races, there are few common appearance traits between them. They are quite aggressive between themselves and other races.
    Yokai Bestial live in a primitive tribal society, often creating their settlements in places untouched by civilization. They place personal survival above everything else, so any cooperation they have is very limited.
    Playable: Yes
    More Information: Beastmen

    Name: Oni’s
    Racial Group: Primeval
    Overview: Oni’s are a larger humanoid race with a "demonic" appearance. Their physical features vary, but all of them possess a pair of leathery wings and curved horns. They are primarily known for being very strong and resilient physically, as well as quite barbaric and aggressive. Their complexion is generally rather dark, with bright hair and eye colors. They come from The Underworld, a seemingly separate world as it is in the farthest reaches of the south, a collection of islands directly opposing the Tennins in the north.
    Oni society considers personal strength to be the most important thing. They are ruled by six generals, who are picked as the strongest and most cunning warriors among them. Oni’s lag behind in terms of technology, only making use of what is widely available. They are generally poor at magic.
    Playable: Yes
    More Information: Oni

    Name: Tennin
    Racial Group: Primeval
    Overview: Tennin are a humanoid race with an "angelic" appearance. They possess a pair of light colored, feathered wings, which gives them the ability to fly much like birds. Similarly to birds, they possess very sharp eyesight. They usually have a fair appearance, with white skin and lighter hair and eye colors being prevalent, but exceptions exist. Their homeland is Celeste, near the edge of the world.

    Their society places a lot of value in morality and personal worth. The Tennin society is ruled by three noble families named after the cardinal virtues.
    Playable: Yes
    More Information: Tennin

    Name: Dragons
    Racial Group: Unknown, Believed to be Primordial
    Overview: Dragons are massive reptilian creatures capable of flight. They have been seen many times roaming the skies by different races, however, these sightings are rare and few and far in between. Their appearance varies a lot between different types, but all of them have long tails, four legs, a pair of wings and relatively long necks. Not much is known about these creatures except that they are extremely powerful and dangerous.
    Playable: Generally not
    More Information: Dragon

    Name: Humans
    Racial Group: The Ninja World, Believed to be Primordial
    Overview: Humans are a humanoid race of generally average size. Their distinctive features, as a race, are how different humans are from one another and that they weren't created by any god despite them worshipping the gods. While the average individual is clearly inferior to an individual of another race, humans have a lot of hidden potentials.
    Human society is the most varied in general. It would be more accurate to say that there are several separate human societies, just as there are separate nations.
    Playable: Yes
    More Information: Human
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